A connector, writer, and visual artist based in Portland, Oregon, 

I am playfully exploring the tension between traditional and modern styles of human connection in a world that is being simultaneously united and isolated by technology.  

My mission is to influence culture toward connection where there is disconnection, which happens when we approach each other with genuine respect and curiosity. 

I was born in Arizona at the end of monsoon season. Since moving to Oregon as a kid, I've experienced most of my life alongside the seasons of the Pacific Northwest. I love to run, even in the rain. Talk to me about music or psychology and we'll likely never stop.

I received a Journalism degree from the University of Oregon and have built my career around communication strategies for individuals and organizations. I'm intrigued by the possibilities of mass communication and convinced that nothing tops moments of spontaneous connection with the people standing right next to us.


Current Project: Bad Portraits

Most of the work that I do is about connection and storytelling. I like to draw people in moments of conversation and experience, which is the basis of Bad Portraits, the series that has become a favorite practice. 

self portrait - dec 2017.jpg