Web Design (Artist Randall Koch)

Client: Randall Koch, An Oregon coast-dwelling artist making things since the 1970s

Roles: Website strategy and design

For this project, I helped a local multi-disciplinary artist Randall Koch sort through hundreds of his image files to create a clean online portfolio of his work across numerous media. My goal was to create a user experience that flowed elegantly through Randall’s work and felt like walking through an art gallery. I also wanted to create a design that the client could easily work with as he added to his own portfolio.

Challenges: The template and design strategy for Randall’s site had to be perfect because it served a very specific purpose: to display his work logically and beautifully. Squarespace’s index page option allowed me to create a homepage that led to various albums categorized by theme and medium. I had to stretch myself strategically to come up with an intuitive user experience that moves the visitor through Randall’s work while leaving plenty of white space for the art to breathe.

Highlights: I loved learning all about Randall’s work since such a big part of this project was looking through hundreds of photos of his work. At one point we drank wine at a gorgeous vineyard while we wrote captions for his portfolio pieces. I also enjoyed teaching him how to use the website so that he could be empowered with some control over his portfolio.

Koch - main page.png
Koch - earthbound collection.png
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