Web Design (Haworth Tree Service)

Client: Haworth Tree Service, based in Hillsboro, Oregon

Roles: Website strategy and design

Haworth Tree Service.png

This mission with this client was simple: make a clean website that showcases the company’s services and makes them stand out from competitors. It wasn’t hard. Most of those websites ain’t pretty.

Challenges: The client wanted to convey a sense of fun and a casual personality without sacrificing the professionalism appropriate to the trade. I suppressed my desire to wax poetic in the website copy and explored visual elements that reflected the client’s personality. We used color and bold, distinct typefaces to communicate a memorable brand without literally saying, “We’re fun! Hire us!”

Highlights: The other creatives involved in this project—the logo designer Johnny Bertram and the photographer Diego De La Rosa—are incredible artists. Working with the elements they provided made it pretty easy to build a beautiful website. Every time I look at it I swoon.

Karlee PattonComment