Brand Dev/Web Design (Epiphany Counseling)

Client: Epiphany Counseling, a private-practice in Hillsboro, OR, founded in 2017

Roles: Brand development, website copy, logo and web design (Wix)

Epiphany Counseling logo.png

I began this project when my client had already taken a stab at creating her own website. I was impressed with how far she had gotten, though from a critical standpoint, the design was a complete mess. We started over from square one with a brand discovery exercise, creating an official logo, and choosing beautiful photos together that conveyed the emotion of her counseling practice. Finally, I edited the website copy for professionalism while maintaining the spirit of the client’s voice.

Challenges: The key challenge for this redesign was helping my client simplify and pare down all the visual elements she was excited about in order to let the essential content shine. Developing her brand image was a unique process because she was representing herself as a counselor, not a third-party company. It was very personal.

Highlights:  The same thing that made this project a challenge is what also made it so special. Developing a brand and a website as a counselor is a very intimate process. I shared a bond with my client as I asked her questions about her qualities as a professional healer. Revealing her finished site was like lifting a mirror to her heart and passion, and I was honored to be a part of her journey.

Epiphany counseling website.png
epiphany counseling 2.png
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