Family & Team Portraits

Family & Team Portraits

from 50.00

$25 per family member (delivered digitally)

How do I get one?

It’s easy! Complete the portrait request form. When I receive it I’ll ask for a photo or social media profile for each person, which I will use as inspiration for the portrait.

You have two options for the format of your portraits (both digital, though you may order the original if that’s important to you):

(1) I can draw individual portraits for each person, like you would want for a staff page or for your own creative uses.

(2) Or I can draw a group picture for your family, more like a traditional family portrait.

To inquire about live portraits at an event, complete this form. For live portraits, the price is hourly, not per portrait.

You will receive your portraits within 10 business days.

No need to adjust quantity unless your family is bigger than 12.

# of Family Members:
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Families looks all sorts of ways. Work teams, roommates, lovers and friends, parents and kiddos, pets and bandmates.

Whatever your family, I will happily draw a portrait for each member. You have two options for the format:

  1. You can request separate portraits like you might feature on a staff page, or

  2. You can request a “group picture” like you might want for a holiday card.

$25 per member.

* Disclaimer: I’m no master when it comes to drawing bodies. If you order a group portrait, you’re rolling the dice about how the legs will turn out.