Job Description #394: Poetic Presence

This position is not for the faint of heart. Applicant must be able to find beauty and value in every situation, no matter how bleak, then express that value in times of high tension. On an as-needed basis, must remind everyone of their own humanity and life’s unwavering mystery. While objective success may be difficult to quantify, the essential value of this role is to move throughout the office like the keeper of a fickle garden and ensure that everyone’s roots stay in the ground while their leaves face upward toward the sun. 

Additional requirements:

  • Must come and go from the office in a rhythm that feels steady and appropriate yet unexpected, like the chorus of a great song.
  • Must not work the same exact hours every week. Have you no spontaneity?
  • Must be in a romantic relationship with either Dawn or Dusk. 

Job Description #60: Concert Journalist

Must attend shows for free throughout the week, interview attendees, take portraits, and write music reviews. 

Job Description #12: Personal Playlist Stylist

This position involves daily meetings with individuals who are undergoing emotional or life transitions which necessitate new music. The perfect candidate will be able to have engaging and meaningful conversations with clients in order to determine which artists would properly accompany their life stage. 

Required skills: Extensive knowledge of Spotify, excellent interview skills, positive energy, intuition, empathy, eclectic music taste.

Job includes monthly stipend for concert tickets which will allow stylist to expand musical knowledge. 

Job Description #85: Resident Intuitive

 We are looking for a student of the human condition, who has already learned that to know someone isn’t simply about knowing facts, but also about interpreting those facts by intuition. Applicant will have the ability to read people’s minds by the skill of educated imagination.

Job Description #427: Wake Artist (Part-time with potential for full time)

The wake artist understands that the day’s first moments are essential to the tone and success of the entire day. This role includes visiting between 5-10 clients per week who are paying to be awakened by a person, not an alarm clock. 

Common duties include:

  • Opening the curtains.
  • Kissing clients on the forehead.
  • Bringing favorite coffee beverages.
  • Whispering “It’s a new day, and you’re alive.”
  • Creating general positive energy and anticipation for the day. 
  • Reading the news.
  • Mild tickling, depending on client preference.
  • Creating loud kitchen noises.
  • Making chocolate chip pancakes.

**Snuggling is strictly against company policy, while respected for its high value outside the workplace.