I like how writers say the word writing. Especially when Krista Tippet says it on the On Being podcast. She says it almost like it’s two words and lets the t flick off her tongue. You can’t help but imagine her saying it with a grin.

I love to hear grown women talk about their writing. I like when they talk about their early jobs and how they tried to approach them with integrity and curiosity even when they didn’t feel right.

I like to hear poets read their own work. When Naomi Shihab Nye reads her poetry it’s like she’s holding your hand. I want to go on a long walk with her where all we do is laugh and make observations.

When Marie Howe reads, it’s like she’s winking, or summoning you into a room where a party is happening. A room where there would be lemon meringue pie and maybe some silver balloons. Marie Howe is the kind of person who allows herself to learn from her daughter. To laugh at herself when it’s necessary. I like that about her.

Karlee PattonComment