Celebrating through Portraits: Fly Fishing Collaborative donors and friends

One of my favorite things about creativity is how it enables us to devise unlikely solutions that make the world a better place. Several years ago my friend Bucky, an avid fly fisherman, told me about his plans to mobilize the fly fishing community to help protect kids from sex trafficking. The path was unconventional, but the plan was simple: raise funds through guided fly fishing tours and other experiences to support organizations that are protecting women and children from trafficking. Fly Fishing Collaborative took shape and gained support, using its funds to build aquaponic farms that provide food and sustainable livelihood for communities around the world, among other forms of support to partnering organizations.

Fly Fishing Collaborative is a powerful example that with some creativity, we can use whatever skills we have to make the world a better place. With lots of support from their local community, FFC’s impact continues to grow and they are building more farms this year. Their ongoing challenge is to continue growing a skilled team and building their infrastructure to address the huge need expressed by communities around the world.

I’m extremely grateful I was invited to draw portraits at FFC’s donor appreciation lunch last weekend. I got to sit and talk face-to-face with the people who make this vision possible. To say these humans are kind is an understatement. They radiate love for each other and everyone around them. I am so inspired by the tales of adventure and generosity of spirit that I witnessed over the hours of this celebration.

Check out FFC and what they’re doing. There are so many ways to partner with them, from joining a fishing adventure to attending a fundraiser or just spreading the word. https://flyfishingcollaborative.org/

Karlee PattonComment