Day #1: Today I Lived.

I made a resolution because it's my style. Actually, I made two but one of them is a secret. Some people say that resolutions are frustrating because its only a matter of time before you fail and then you end up discouraged. But I say make the resolution. And if you fail, try again the next day. It's not about a perfect record. It's about desire and intention becoming reality by perseverance.

My resolution is to do the thing today that I'm tempted to put off til tomorrow. 

At 5pm I'm waking up from a nap as the final licks of color are fading from the sky. I was up late last night celebrating New Years Eve and I would like to keep sleeping. I imagine running across the Tilikum bridge. It sounds beautiful and totally exhausting. I consider running tomorrow morning instead, when I'm not so groggy. Then I pull on my leggings and a sweater and a puffy vest. I grab a beanie and tie my running shoes and leave the house and it's so cold. I listen to that Postal Service album from 2003 and I run until I'm warm, and by the time I reach the bridge the city lights are crisp against the river, and I can feel sweat drip beneath my clothes. I can feel sleep and sickness and anxiety slip from my shoulders, leaving me light. This is the best part of my day.

dusk and breath, illustration 2.jpg