Emotions in Art for the last 90 days

At last! I have synthesized the data I collected daily between November 2016 and January 2017 while making note of my  emotions based on a color-coded key of common feels. I talked to someone today who said he feels about the same every day. One of us is surely an alien. 

January in emotion .jpg

JANUARY 2017--IN A WHIRLWIND OF FEELINGS AND LIFE CHANGES I lose all track of this project until halfway through the month. This calls for a conceptual record of January, which happily, makes much more sense than anything seemingly organized.  This drawing truly sums it up.

DECEMBER 2016--I COULD HARDLY BELIEVE IT. I slipped the cap off my blue marker only a few times to document the emotional landscape of my days. With only three days that classified as melancholy, I'm reevaluating my relationship with heavier feelings. Are they not inevitable? I didn't mind them too much but I welcome the lightness. It makes October and November look like a marathon of The Notebook. Is that the wrong movie to reference as sad? It will have to do for now, because I still haven't seen Marley & Me. But really. This project is surprising me. I'm starting to see trends and shifts rather than total spontaneity.

NOVEMBER 2016--OKAY NOVEMBER, MAYBE I WAS A BIT HARSH. Because for all the sad days, there was a fantastic mix of the best color combos possible. "Soulful/romantic purple" and the energizing magic of green hues coexisted on quite a few days. That's the kind of day you wake up early, feel alive, write a poem, talk to a stranger, then meet up with your friends for good music and dinner. The kind of day that feels like pine trees and vinyl and whiskey and tight hugs

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