It's all been done so do it anyway.

We humans are really good at making excuses not to do the things we want to. I’m really good at it. One of my biggest roadblocks, which at first grew higher and stronger the longer I lived and watched other people doing things, is that every idea I have has already been done before. And I’m not just talking about when you come up with a brilliant idea for how to store your headphones so they don’t get all tangled up, or when you think of a great username and it’s taken. Really? What compelled that strange person to put those two words together?

I mean when I really have the vision and then I start to whittle little legs for it and then I remember it’s 2017 and I should check the internet to make sure this one is original and it’s like…

“The gang's all here!

the gang.jpg

Today I’m deciding that I’ll join the gang because either way it’s going to keep growing, and some people will get too busy or too famous or too tired of this club and make space for one of my elbows to drop back to my side, and some people will be my partners and we’ll push each other to try new things, and maybe—just maybe—some days I’ll even have an original thought.

One day I thought, what if there was an app like Instagram except it was for really short videos, no longer than 10 seconds? I started doing research and a few weeks later, Vine came out. This is life. Let’s just make things and see what sticks.

Karlee PattonComment