To Know Someone, Model B

(One model from a series I'm working on.)

A few months ago I met an intelligent man at a party and we enjoyed a deep and lengthy first conversation. I run into him through mutual friends every now and then and true to my style, I try to get to know him a little more every time. No matter what questions I ask, the conversations inevitably turn to opinions and theories about external things like society and politics. While I appreciate those topics as well, I'm far more intrigued by getting to know the deeper things about a person, especially in the earlier phases of the friendship. During the last conversation I was determined. We would have a light conversation. I would find out something about who he is and not just what he thinks. I would not settle for book recommendations. 

I left with book recommendations. 

What do you think? Can people really be friends if they only talk about "things" instead of connecting on a personal level? How do you draw someone into a conversation that's fun and dynamic if they keep diverting to opinions? Why might people choose to spend time with other humans and not allow themselves to be known? What might be the point?

For now I choose to proceed in my quest. I will ask him about music. That will get him.

Karlee PattonComment